The Palm Tree

Hurricanes are so incredible and the winds at times are so strong they can snap 40 foot tall pine trees in two, like toothpicks, destroying everything in its path. There is one tree though that is different, the palm tree, when the strong winds blow it will bend its branches very low to the ground. Sometimes the hurricane is so powerful that the very top branches of the palm tree will almost touch the ground.

When the wind has calmed and taken its last breath, the palm tree will return to its standing position, as if saying “No matter how hard you blow, I am still standing”. In the midst of the storm when the wind is bending its branches as far as they will go the palm tree’s root system will actually begin to grow and strengthen. The palm tree becomes stronger so that when it does finally stand up again, it’s a much deeper rooted tree.

That’s why in the Bible, God tells us, “But the godly will flourish like palm trees and grow strong like the cedars of Lebanon.” Psalm 92:12.

God wants us to grow in our faith and become even stronger and rooted in Christ in the midst of whatever storms blow in our lives.