About Us

We are a family that believes in living our lives serving God and serving others, treating each person, young and old, with dignity and respect with our words and our actions.

VJM Athletics is a work out of your spirit. Just like any athlete, we must constantly keep exercising our spirit, soul and mind which are all tied together, to maintain optimum health. And as an athlete, once we have achieved success in developing a strong spirit in our Christian walk, we have to keep working out to maintain that strength as if we don’t, the spirit will lose its strength and durability. When we have a trained and well conditioned spirit we are able to face all challenges more positively and develop resilience, even in the midst of stress.

Each journey, as humans, gets off track at times and fortunately He forgives a sincere heart and helps get us back on track and back ‘into shape’.

At VJM Athletics, we ‘choose’ to start each day honoring Him and sharing our joy with all those who ‘want some of that’!